My edited photographs

josh test

In this photograph i have edited my model to a different backdrop than he originally was in and have placed him taking a picture of an interesting tree leaning to the side.


In this photograph I have photo shopped my model into a picture of the outdoors and have edited his colour balance and is phone to have a picture of what the phone is pointed at.


In this photograph i have edited the models background colours to hep him stand out more and made his camera have a shine to it to make it look a lot more impressive.


This Photoshop has had many things edited from the original photograph it now has my model taking a photograph of that tree which was not in the original photograph. It shows the model taking photographs while standing out of the background without out looking out of place.


In this edited image I have my model standing over a high hill taking a photograph of the viewer  I have edited him into to the background and also I have edited the background itself to make him look like he’s there as normal and that its not over the top or out of place and he is actually there.


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