Be able to plan a photographic shoot

Media Product

My photo magazine will be based around nature it will feature images of different nature reserves from Fibbersly to Cannock chase and will feature nature wildlife itself. The front page will feature a photographer looking through the viewfinder at the camera and will feature smaller images of nature around the cover page. The double pages will feature five images throughout and will have a big image in the middle with the other four images in a smaller size around the rest of the page.


My theme will be a relaxing nature of simple things from nature reserves with various wildlife and different areas like streams and tree filled areas to swampy areas and streams. To represent a calm mood nothing with the impression of tension will be in the magazines like animals fighting or anything that implies any harm to humans or animals. I will make sure that the images wont have anything that breaks the image like a broken car in the background or garbage badly showing.


For this project I will be using a canon 600d camera for taking high quality images and if necessary flash. I will be taking a tripod so I can take still precise photographs so I can make sure there is no blur and so there is no chance of the camera dropping and breaking it will also help to tell me if the camera is level. I will need some batteries just in case of the off chance my camera goes out I will need a backup power source and need to make sure I will be able to still take photographs if I lose my first battery. I will also need a photographic background as well to make sure my subject is easier to edit, as it will be easier on me to delete one background than lots of trees and the sky and many other inconvenience features. I will need a reflector to add or help subtract light from my subject and make my magazine look a bit more professional. Flash gun I may need this for very dark environments and give me that little extra boost to achieve a better light. Portable led is a possibility as I may be out at night and will need to brighten up an image and make it easier to take a photograph at night. I may require flash heads as I may need lighting and they will help me with any backup I may require.

Recce shoot locations

Although I am very confident that fibbersly will no be blocked off or I will not be allowed to be there I will still go there just to check everything is still there before hand to make sure things are still there to make it easier on me so on the day there are no surprises waiting for me on the day. I will also be going to make sure things like if the same old trees as before are still there making sure nothing is out of place to make sure I don’t have to improvise and that my plan can remain the same and i will put the pictures down below so there is a general idea of what it will look like for my official photography shoot.




Shoot locations

One of my shoot locations will be fibbersly which is known for its slippery hills and its bad environments and at the time of year I will be there some of the ponds will be full which usually happens at the end of the year there it also has some hazards like obvious ones like glass from fallen bottles and some grass snakes which is not a big problem but can waste my time if I’m hurt by any of these things. I will also have to be careful of falling as a fall from the top of fibbersly can definitely leave me in a hospital and fibbersly also has many water filled zones so drowning is always a risk If I get to careless of clumsy. Now winter is coming I will have to be more careful as the environment will be getting more icy and dangerous making it more advisable to have some hiking gear and making it safer to climb and make sure to avoid water even more as it could be fatal if I am cold for to long.

Risk assessment

I will have to make sure I have anything necessary for any of these things like disinfect for any injuries and plasters or bandages. When swimming I have a past experience swimming so I will be able to stop myself from danger in water. I will wear some hiking gear for when I am climbing so there less risks of me falling from any heights and I will be wearing a water proof bag to protect any equipment I may have been carrying with me to stop any water damages short circuiting them or breaking them down. I must also be careful that Im not in an accident prone area as there is an area with a swampy section which if camera or equipment was dropped it may be lost forever or destroyed at the very least. There is also wildlife in this nature reserve such as deer so although there is a very small chance of this happening there is a chance i could be attacked by it and hit with its legs which can do serious damage to me and easily break my camera and equipment in seconds.

Shooting schedule

My shooting schedule will be carefully assessed I will be aiming to stay away from shooting photographs in rainy weather due to the fact I do not want the equipment getting wet but in case my plans fail or change I will have a water proof bag and a water proof blanket to cover the equipment in and will also have an umbrella to make sure I can take photographs while keeping the camera and tripod dry from water damages. I will need to be aware of rainy weather and storms as lightning will impact my nature photography as trees attract lightning meaning I could be in danger. I must be aware of rain making areas to wet and slippery and make sure I’m safe around these kinds of areas. I will also need backup plans in case certain pieces of equipment start to brake down and make sure I can function without anything except the camera of course. I will be doing these photographs themselves around late morning early afternoon so around the twelve o’clock mark and will be there until early night time around six o’clock and will be taking varied pictures using different lightings around the day to take better looking photographs and comparing them to my other photographs.  I will also need to bring several backup batteries due to how long i’m going to be at this nature reserve and how quickly I will run out of power if i’m taking photographs all day. I shall also be taking another SD card as I may take up all the memory on one card but two shall be more than enough to use and will be a backup as a single SD card can hold many pictures on its own as it is.

Legal and ethical issues

For my own safety there is many laws in place that try to help stop me from hurting myself or accidentally hurting others around me. Although this isn’t the only set of laws I must follow there is also a matter of location as there are some places I cannot go as if I wanted to go somewhere like a random persons back garden I wouldn’t be able to and I would be asked to stop and leave. This is the same with bigger areas that may be privately owned and would get me into a lot of trouble if I went in without permission and could be fined for it. These are also here to help me in case I go somewhere like a construction site which will definitely be somewhere I will end up hurting myself. There is also ethical issues like if I do something morally wrong like taking a photograph of someone without asking that persons permission if they mind being in the photograph. There will be no copyright  strikes on my photographs as I will not be using any official branding in my photographs as if anything like a brands logo is in the shot I will end up blurring them out or getting rid of them through photoshop if necessary. I will not be representing anything in my photographs as I will not be using any models in my photographs only nature will be in my photographs so nothing will be represented throughout my photography shooting.


My magazine process

Magazine layout

I chose a unique layout for my double page spread that would go with my photography theme as I have four different pictures all reflecting each other in terms of their placing.


What did I do?

First I got my photograph I wanted in my magazine spread and opened it up in Photoshop. I made sure the image wasn’t blurry and was clear, as it needs to be of the highest quality for the magazine. I first found an area I wanted to edit in this case I wanted to remove someone from the photograph itself. For this example I shall use the woman walking down the street.

fsgjbndfztgScreen Shot 2015-06-26 at 14.43.59

I started of by using the clone tool a tool which copies any place you select and lets you place it any where repeatedly.

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 09.24.59

I replace her outline with the clone stamp and replace the woman with the wall next to her to make sure she isn’t seen in the photograph itself.

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 09.26.53

Once all of the woman’s body is covered with the walls pattern I will use the blur tool to make sure that it looks merged and more realistic to make it look good in the magazine.

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 09.27.29

Once blurred I will zoom out of the image to show how good it looks and how when zoomed out it is almost impossible to tell it has been photo shopped.

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 09.28.28

I used this technique on all of my photographs I used for the magazine to cover up annoying things like trash in the road and bright red bins in a light green field and people blocking a bush just to make it all look a little more professional.

The colours

I used light blue as my constant theme throughout the magazine as it helps make the magazine relaxing and makes the photographs colours (which are darker) come out more complimenting them and making them look pleasing to the eye.

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 10.56.13

On the front cover I used red as for my font cover as it is proven red and blue together is calming and pleasing to peoples eye and I used bold “professional” and used layer styles and increased strokes and shadows to make the font come out better and I made the finishing touch with bevel and emboss.

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 11.02.42


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